sir,tell me the process of balancing equation in acidic medium and basic medium.

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Expert Answer:

To balance an equation in an acidic medium, the steps are:

Step 1: Separate in half reactions. Step 2: In each half reaction, balance all elements except O & H. Step 3: Balance O by adding H2O. Step 4: Balance H by adding H+. Step 5: Balance charges by adding e-. Step 6: Multiply all coefficients in 1 or both half reactions by an integer to get the number of e- in the two half reactions equal. Step 7: Add the 2 half reactions together & cancel out any species that appear on both sides of net reaction.

To balance an equation in a basic medium, the steps are:

 Step 8: Identify the number of proton (H+) in the acidic answer.
Add the same number of OH- ions to both sides of the equation. Step 9: If H+ and OH- appear on the same side of the equation, they will react in a 1:1 ratio to form H2O. Step 10: Cancel out water molecules that appear on both sides of the equation. Step 11: Check that charges and atoms are balanced.


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