sir please give all steps for doing numericals on these topics .please sir give examples and formula"s on this topics ...and steps of doing numericals ..

Asked by Hemandra Singh | 19th May, 2014, 04:51: PM

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1. Elevation of boiling point: The difference in boiling points of solution (Tb) and pure solvent (Tb0) is called elevation in boiling point ΔT = Tb - Tb0.

For a dilute solution, elevation of boiling point is directly proportional to molal concentration of the solute in solution. Hence, it is a colligative property.

2. Depression of freezing point: The lowering of vapour pressure of solution causes a lowering of freezing point compared to that of pure solvent. The difference in freezing point of the pure solvent (Tf0) and solution (Tf) is called the depression in freezing point ΔT = Tf0 - Tf.

For a dilute solution, depression in freezing point is a colligative property because it is directly proportional to molal concentration of the solute.

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