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     Please explain the Treaty of allahbad?

Asked by gpjain11 | 5th Sep, 2015, 03:42: PM

Expert Answer:

The treaty of Allahabad was signed on 16 August 1765 after the Battle of Buxar between the Mughal Emperor Shah Alam II, Nawab Shuja ud Daulah of Awadh and Robert Clive. As per the terms of the treaty, the British got the Diwani rights or the rights to collect revenues from the Easter Provinces of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa.The Company on its part agreed to pay the sum of rupees 26 lakhs to the Mughals. The The districts of Kora and Allahabad were returned to Mughal Emperor.Awadh was returned to Shuja-ud-Daulah but Allahabad and Kora was taken from him.The Nawab also had to pay a war indemnity of rupees 53 lakhs. The Battle of Buxar paved way for the establishment of the British rule in India.

Answered by Social Science Expert | 5th Sep, 2015, 11:55: PM

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