sir please explain method of completing the square with illustrated example.

Asked by mandal.sunny88 | 29th Jul, 2016, 12:32: AM

Expert Answer:

Any quadratic equation can be converted to the form (x + a)2 - b2 = 0 by adding and subtracting some terms. This method of finding the roots of quadratic equation is called the method of completing the square.

The steps involved in solving a quadratic equation by completing the square, are as follows::

Step 1: Make the coefficient of x2 unity.

Step 2: Express the coefficient of x in the form (2)(x)(p)

Step 3: Add and subtract the square of p.

Step 4: Use the square identity (a + b)2 or (a - b)2 to obtain the quadratic equation in the required form (x + a)2 - b2 = 0. Then, take the constant term to the other side of the equation.

Step 5: Take the square root of the obtained equation to get the roots of the given quadratic equation.

Answered by Rashmi Khot | 29th Jul, 2016, 10:11: AM