Sir/Mam, I am facing confusion in refractive index that is it is ratio of speed of lights or sine of angles(i.e incident and refracted)? is ratio of speed is equal to ratio of sine of angles(incidence and refracted)? plz don't give book's definition plz explain in ur wordz...?? thnx in advance.

Asked by  | 16th Dec, 2011, 03:49: PM

Expert Answer:

In a given question where speed of light in a medium is given and we have to find out the refractive index of the medium, then we can calculate the refractive index of a medium by applying the formula
Refractive idex of a medium = speed of a light in a vaccum or air/ speed of light in a medium
And In a given question: A light is travelling from air to water and the angle of incidence (45 degree) and refraction (30 degree) is given, then we can calculate the refractive index of water by using a formula
Refractive index of water = sin of 45 degree / sin of 30 degree = root 2

Answered by  | 19th Dec, 2011, 01:54: PM

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