sir/mam how is it possible to skate on ice without leaving a trail of it

Asked by akashleena chakrabarti | 28th Jun, 2013, 08:44: PM

Expert Answer:

No, you will always leave behind a trail, it might be faint but its there, and its all thanks to physics! 

You see for a skater to glide across the ice, the skater/blade must over come the static (standing) coefficient of friction. This static coefficient of friction and moving coefficient of fiction (which is always less then static friction) generate energy or heat, this heat generated instantly melts the ice as a skater travels. But because the ice and the refrigeration unit under ice, after a skater passes on, the section on which they just skated on, refreezes AGAIN..  

That is what leaves a line, even though its a faint one..

Answered by  | 29th Jun, 2013, 11:29: AM

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