Sir/Ma'am,please give an example for each as I have to make a working model on motion.
1-Circulatory motion
2-uniform and non uniform motion
3-Rotatory motion
4-Oscillatory motion
5-Rectilinear motion

Asked by Shawn | 2nd Jun, 2016, 07:56: PM

Expert Answer:

1. Circulatory Motion:A stone which is tied to a rope and is being swung in circles.
2. Uniform Motion: The hour hand of a clock
    Non-uniform Motion: A body dropped from the top of a building is acted upon by gravity. Hence, its distance will increase with each interval of time.
3. Rotatory Motion: The rotating motion of the blades of a fan
4. Oscillatory Motion:A string fixed tightly between two walls when plucked and released, it executes to-and-fro motion.
5. Rectilinear Motion: A coin dropped from a height.

Answered by Yashvanti Jain | 3rd Jun, 2016, 11:15: AM

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