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CBSE Class 9 Answered

<div>Sir/Ma'am I have to write an interesting adventurous story so can you give me some ideas that what can I write pleasee!!</div>
Asked by Shawn | 07 Jun, 2016, 03:43: PM
Expert Answer


  1. An adventure story requires you to have an object with special characteristics.
  2. Every adventure story should have a hero around whom the events  in the story unravel. Plan what kind of a person your hero will be.
  3. Adventure stories should have a side-hero who could be loyal or unfaithful to the hero.
  4. Now comes the anti-hero. A villain is essential as he /she builds the suspense and drama in your adventure.


After you have all the above things in place, create your story. You might like to go through our chapter notes on Story Writing, available on our website.

It is very important to arrange your story in a logical order. Finally, do not forget to create a title for your adventurous story.

You can use the following beginning to write an adventure story.

So there was Jimmy standing at the edge of the cliff staring at his bicycle plunging down the valley, thinking about what he would go and tell Geoffrey.  

Happy Writing Smile

Answered by Snehal Naik | 07 Jun, 2016, 04:20: PM
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