If magnetic field Strength (B) is a vector quantity, then why does repulsion not occur when we place a current carrying conductor in an external magnetic field?

Asked by drhimasingh | 21st Dec, 2019, 11:55: PM

Expert Answer:

Magnetic field induction B is vector quantity because it has magnitude and direction.
when current carrying conductor is placed in magnetic field, it experiences a force as per Left hand flemeing rule.
Direction of force is changed if we change either the direction of current or direction of magnetic field.
We do not consider the direction of movement is due to attraction or repulsion.
we only see that direction of force obeys the left hand flemeing rule.
In fact , as per physics, current is decided by direction of vector product , il x B .
Fleming Left hand rule is only guideline to get direction easily

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 22nd Dec, 2019, 09:21: AM

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