In zero order reaction we write the slope to be 


    But according to the eqn we get i.e.,  t=1/k([Ro]-[R])

    Therefore the slope must be 


    Why dont we write it so.


Asked by Shruthi Vidya | 2nd Apr, 2014, 08:41: PM

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Zero order reaction means that the rate of the reaction is proportional to zero power of the concentration of reactants.

At t = 0, the concentration of the reactant R = [R]0, where [R]0 is initial concentration of the reactant.

Comparing equation [R] = - kt + [R]0 with equation of a straight line, y = mx + c, if we plot [R] against t, we get a straight line with slope = –k and intercept equal to [R]0.


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