sir in video of standard electrode potential part2 -----there is a question on calculating the standard electrode potential so the ans of this is calculated by first examing that both the equation are in reduction potential or not and if it is not then we need to change the sign of the e*value as in 2nd eq it is given in oxidation but we need to change it reduction potenial so  the signs of the second equation need to be reversed to calculate  which is not done in the video it should be as follow

Cu+/Cu= +.52v_______1 and Cu2+/Cu+=.16v_________2

so 2 eq implies  __ -.16 to change it into reductonal  potential

so ans would be cathode -anode =0.52-(-0.16)=0.52+0.16=0.68 should be the answer

pizzzz look at this may be i would be wrong as am not sure as i read  in the books and numerical was solved in this way anf iam not correct plzzzz clear my dought by answering this question and if right than plzzzmake change in the video ???????

Asked by NAVYA SOOD | 4th May, 2014, 02:18: PM

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We will review the video and if there is a correction required. The video will be edited with correct solution.


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Answered by Vaibhav Chavan | 6th May, 2014, 06:23: PM

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