Sir, I wanted to ask that what is the difference between homologous pair of chromosome & homozygous pair of chromosome. Are they same???

Asked by ankitkriti5 | 16th Oct, 2015, 08:32: AM

Expert Answer:

Homologous chromosomes are the chromosomes which are located on a same position in a karyotype. In a pair of homologous chromosomes, one chromosome is maternal and one is the paternal chromosome. These chromosomes are similar but not identical. They carry same genes in the same order but the alleles for each trait are different.

There are no homozygous chromosomes but there are homozygous alleles. An allele can be either dominant or recessive. When both homologous chromosomes in a pair have dominant alleles or both have recessive alleles, then this condition is called homozygous.

Answered by Hemangi Binny | 16th Oct, 2015, 09:43: AM