sir i want to ask that why when we move a magnet around a wire or vice ,the current is being induced in wire and , is this  due to change in magnetic field as answered by google but i want to ask why does manetic field change  let us assume that it is changed then,  one expert answered that magnetic field is created around a wire which induces current and why does magnetic field is induced in wire and why magnetic field induces current.
pls answer the coloured rest is just explanation . I hope that you will understand my doubt and answer me with good explanation .

Asked by Ikshit | 5th Aug, 2016, 08:44: PM

Expert Answer:

Why does a magnetic field change:
  • The change in the magnetic field is a relative term which indicates that there is a change in magnetic field strength.
  • Magnetic strength increases as we reach near the the magnet and it decreases as we go away from the magnet.
  • Thus, if a magnet is moved towards or away from an electric circuit, the circuit will experience the change in magnetic field strength of that moving bar magnet.
How does the change in magnetic field induces current:
  • The change in the magnetic field strength explained above induces emf.
  • Emf is the electric potential (voltage) which facilitates the flow of charges per unit time.
  • This flow of charges gives rise to the electric current.
  • As this current is induced due to the change in magnetic field strength, it is called induced current.

Answered by Abhijeet Mishra | 8th Aug, 2016, 12:46: PM