sir i just want to knw how to plot a graph of different equations like:- x+y=5 2x+y=9 some quadratic eqns also like:- 3x^2+2x+5=0 etc.

Asked by Drona | 17th Mar, 2013, 07:11: PM

Expert Answer:

To plot a graph for the linear functions, like  x+y=5 or 2x+y=9, find the points where these lines intersect x axis (i.e. y=0) and y axis (i.e. x = 0). so, in this case, for 
i. x+y=5, the points of intersection are  (5,0) and (0,5)
ii. 2x+y=9 the points of intersection are (9/2,0) and (0,9)
Now you can join the 2 points to form the straight line. 

For the quadratic functions, you an try and solve them and find what their answers are. 
Please note, that the second equation you have given is a quadratic function in 1 variable x, so there is no graph,but only 2 x values where it will be satisfied, which you can easily get by using quadratic formula. 

Answered by  | 17th Mar, 2013, 07:21: PM

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