Sir i have solved all NCERT numerical but i am having problem with graph reading please sir explian where velocity and position postive or negative, acceleration is higher or lower etc in detail. please sir reply fast tomorrow is my exam.My question is Ncert 22 ques.Please sir any how manage it dont reply that i havent send you diagram as i was unable to upload.

Asked by Samridh Shukla | 21st Sep, 2010, 08:46: AM

Expert Answer:

iF You take a reference x-y axis, then on the positive axis your displacement will be positive and on the negative side it will ne negative, displacement will always given by final position - initlal position. Similarly the velocity will depend on the displacement and on the choice of the x axis, and the velocity will be given by the derivative of the displacement and so the acceleration will be given by the derivative of the velocity. If velocity at any instant is more than the previous then the acc. will be positive and if vel is less then the acc will be negative and so on. Remember that velocity is the rate of change of displacement that depends upon change in displacement and acceleration depends on the hange in velocity.

Answered by  | 21st Sep, 2010, 11:46: AM

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