Sir i am stuck in this topic. The concepts related to this topic are not clear for me so please give me an simple and new way for solving the problems related to this topic.

Asked by adhakad099 | 9th Jun, 2015, 10:07: AM

Expert Answer:

There is no other way for this topic except that given in the book. Study the topic carefully and read every part of it. Donot skip any part or topic. If you donot understand any part or topic, then please ask it here.
Also after completing the topic, you must go through every example in the book, before attempting the exercise. Also if you get stuck on any example, please ask it here.
Also, go through the video lessons, revision notes and Question Bank of
Take tests for this chapter. Practice Short Answer Questions and Multiple Choice Questions from the Question Bank.
Best of luck!!

Answered by Prasenjit Paul | 10th Jun, 2015, 09:47: AM