sir give me all important things in chapter and tricks to learn structures ...

Asked by Hemandra Singh | 21st May, 2014, 08:56: PM

Expert Answer:

Entire chapter is important. Please go through the NCERT questions, live test series, model tests, and chapter tests to make the concepts more understandable. For this log on to

Hopwever, you can refer to the following questions:

  • Write the names of monomers of the following polymers:

(i) Nylon 6,6 (ii) Neoprene (iii) Buna –NPolymerisation and its classification with example.

  • Types of polymers on the basis of structure.
  • Differentiate between homopolymer and co-polymer with example?
  • Write short note on:

a) Condensation polymer

b) Addition polymer

c) Elastomer

d) Fibres

e) Teflon

  • Differentiate between thermoplastic polymers and thermosetting polymers with examples.(important)
  • Define a copolymer, thermoplastics, Polymer, homopolymer, copolymer
  • Explain the free radical mechanism from chain initiating step to chain terminating step.
  • Show how the low density and high density polythene is made. (very important)
  • Bakelite and its importance.
  • The process of co-polymerisation.
  • A short note on rubber and its vulcanization. (very important)
  • Explain the difference between Buna-N and Buna-S.
  • How is dacron obtained from ethylene glycol and terephthalic acid?
  • Identify the monomer in the following:

(Structures will be provided)

  • How does the presence of double bonds in rubber molecules influence their structure and reactivity? (very important)
  • Complete the following reaction:

(Reactions will be provided)

  • What are the monomeric repeating units of Nylon-6 and Nylon-6,6?
  • How can you differentiate between addition and condensation polymerization.

To learn the structures you need to practice them daily.

Answered by Hanisha Vyas | 23rd May, 2014, 12:19: PM