Sir can you please tell me that what is quantum number and its types with whole explanation?

Asked by Prag Sangha | 30th Apr, 2013, 07:21: PM

Expert Answer:

It describes the  values of conserved quantities in the dynamics of quantum system.It is measurement of observable quantities, quantum numbers often describe specifically the energies of electrons in the atoms.Each electron has a set of four numbers, they are called as quantum numbers. There are four types of quantum numbers, they are 
1) Principal quantum numbers -  This is represented by ‘n’. This number represents the number of principal orbits to which the electron belongs.
2) Azimuthal quantum numbers - denoted by ’l’. The value of ’l’ depends on ’n’ and can be calculated by subtracting 1 form the value of ’n’’l’ can have all the integral values starting from zero to n-1.
3) Magnetic quantum numbers- This is denoted by ’m’. The range of ’m’ lies between ’- to ’+l’. This quantum number signified the spatial orientations of an electron in orbital
4) Spin quantum numbers- These quantum numbers are denoted by ’s’. electron spins around its axis in addition to revolving round the nucleus. 

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