sir,can you please tell me important questions that may appear from light,reflection and refraction and human eye and the colourful world ?(phycics cbse)

Asked by sibi1999karthik | 25th Feb, 2016, 09:23: AM

Expert Answer:


We cannot exactly give you the important questions which,might appear in the paper.

However, following are the most important topics which has to be studied:

Light – Reflection and Refraction

  • Laws of reflection and refraction
  • Terms and sign conventions related to spherical mirror and lenses (derivation is not required)
  • Rules for tracing images formed by spherical mirrors and lenses
  • Numerical problems based on mirror formula and lens formula, power of lens, practical based questions.
  • Ray diagrams for image formation by spherical mirror and lenses.


The Human Eye and the Colourful World

  • Defects of vision and their correction
  • Refraction of light through a prism
  • Dispersion and scattering of light and their application in daily life
  • Numerical problems based on nature of lens and power required to correct eye defect. 

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