Sir, can you also tell me what actually a solar cell is? and how does that work?

Asked by ambica14091995 | 26th May, 2010, 11:08: AM

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Dear student,

The solar cell, is able to create electricity directly from photons. A photon can be thought of as a packet of light and the amount of energy in a photon is proportional to the wavelength of light.The first is the semiconductor, which absorbs light and converts it into electron-hole pairs. The second is the semiconductor junction, which separates the photo-generated carriers (electrons and holes), and the third is the contacts on the front and back of the cell that allow the current to flow to the external circuit.

Solar cells usually operate more efficiently under concentrated light. This has led to the development of a range of approaches using mirrors or lenses to focus light on to specially designed cells and use heat sinks, or active cooling of the cells, to dissipate the large amount of heat that is generated.


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