Answer the following questions regarding box type solar cooker;
1)Why is its interior part painted black?
2)Why is it covered with double planed glass lid?
3)Why is a plane mirror reflector used?
4)What is optimum temperature obtained by this cooker?
5)State any two of its advantages and limitations?

Asked by raoss1967 | 1st May, 2016, 05:37: PM

Expert Answer:

  1. The interior of a solar cooker is painted black because black surface is good absorber of heat energy.
  2. Double plane glass lid allows more solar energy to enter the box but does not allow it to flow out in the form of radiant heat.
  3. To reflect solar energy into the box.
  4. 100 °C to 140 ºC
  5. Advantages:
    (i) Free of cost.
    (ii) Does not produce smoke
    (i) Cannot be used during the night time.
    (ii) Cannot be used for baking or for frying.

Answered by Yashvanti Jain | 2nd May, 2016, 10:54: AM