sir actully my question was not from the toic that i have listed for my problem was i lost my scince lab manuel for practicals 
so iam not able to write the experiment in the biology record can you please give the notes part of the following experiment 
aim: to show experimentally that carbondioxide is given out during respiration 
sir i need the answer by 04:30 now its is 03 :00 today only sir urgent sir 

Asked by Anirudh | 26th Nov, 2017, 03:15: PM

Expert Answer:

Aim of the Experiment: To show experimentally that carbon dioxide is given out during respiration.
Materials Required: Germinating seed, conical flask, small test tube containing KOH, small thread, bent capillary tube, beaker and cork.

1. Take some germinating seeds of moong dal in a conical flask.

2. Place a small test tube containing KOH solution in hanging position in the flask.

3. Fix a bent capillary tube with one end in conical flask and other end in the beaker containing colored water.

4. Air tight the conical flask with vaseline/pertoleum jelly so that the gas evolved during this process do not leak out.

4. Keep the set up for about two hours and observe change in water level in capillary tube.


After 2 hours, the level of water has risen in the delivery tube at the end dipped in the beaker of water.


1. Rise in water level indicates that CO2 is produced by germinating seeds.

2. The germinating seeds respire and produce CO2 which is absorbed by KOH solution that created a vacuum in conical flask.

3. Air present in the bent glass tube moves into conical flask which pulls the water into the bent tube further.

Answered by Sivanand Patnaik | 26th Nov, 2017, 05:21: PM