SI unit of gravitational force is Nm2kg-2 OR Nm2kg2  ...?


Asked by Mp881337 | 6th Aug, 2021, 04:41: PM

Expert Answer:

Unit of force is Newton ( N) . All forces have same units
What i guess from the posting, you want to know the units of gravitational constant G
Units of gravitational constant G = N m2 kg-2
Units of gravitational constant can be checked from following formula
begin mathsize 14px style F space equals space G space fraction numerator m subscript 1 space m subscript 2 over denominator d squared end fraction end style
Where F is force , m's are masses of two objects and d is distance between objects.
Hence , we have , begin mathsize 14px style G space equals space fraction numerator F space cross times space d squared over denominator m subscript 1 space m subscript 2 end fraction end style
Hence we can get units of G from above expression as  N mkg-2

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 6th Aug, 2021, 05:09: PM