show the inheritance of two characters over two generations by making a cross between round and green seeded plant (RRyy) with wrinkled and yellow seeded plant(rrYY).

Asked by vasu cool | 10th Feb, 2014, 07:57: PM

Expert Answer:

Plant with round yellow seeds (RRYY) was crossed with the plant bearing wrinkled green seeds (rryy).

                                   Phenotypic Ratio: 9:3:3:1

F1 Generation: All plants obtained were heterozygous tall. Plants from F1 generation were self-pollinated to obtain F2 generation.

F2 Generation: One homozygous tall plant, two heterozygous tall plants and one homozygous dwarf plant were obtained.

The ratio obtained by breeding two pairs of contrasting characters is called dihybrid ratio.

Answered by  | 11th Feb, 2014, 10:38: AM

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