Show that the vectors 2i-cap - j-cap + k-cap, i-cap - 3j-cap, 3i-cap - 4j-cap - 4k-cap form the sides of a right angled triangle.

Asked by sunil2791 | 17th Nov, 2017, 06:56: PM

Expert Answer:

begin mathsize 16px style the space third space vector space can space be space represented space as space the space sum space of space other space two space
so space they space all space are space in space one space plane space
also space the space magnitude space of space vectors space are space square root of 6 comma square root of 35 comma square root of 41
so space by space using space pythagoras space it space can space be space proved space as space RT space triangle end style

Answered by Arun | 20th Dec, 2017, 11:05: AM