Show that the points(3,2,2),(-1,3,3),(0,5,6),(2,1,2) lie on a sphere whose centre is (1,3,4).Find also its radius.

Asked by Neeraj Koshta | 16th Oct, 2010, 04:34: PM

Expert Answer:

Dear Student,
We calculate the distance of all the given points from the centre, and if that's same, then they lie on th sphere by definition, and that distance will be the radius of the sphere.
Let's call the points A, B, C and D respectively, and O, the centre.
OA = √[(3-1)2+(2-3)2+(2-4)2] = √9 = 3 
OB = √[(-1-1)2+(3-3)2+(3-4)2] = √5
OC = √[(0-1)2+(5-3)2+(6-4)2] = √9 = 3
OD = √[(2-1)2+(1-3)2+(2-4)2] = √9 = 3
Please check the coordinates of the point B(-1,3,3), and it doesn't lie on the sphere. Others does. and the radius is 3 units.

Answered by  | 18th Oct, 2010, 07:17: AM

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