Show that 1F is a very large unit of capacitance.

Asked by Pratik | 3rd Oct, 2015, 02:08: PM

Expert Answer:

When a capacitor is charged with 1 coulomb of charge its capacitance is one farad when a potential difference of 1 volt is developed across its terminals.
C = q/V
1 F = 1 C/ 1V
Now, 1 C of charge is developed when a total of 6.24 × 1028 number of electrons flow through the terminals.
Hence, a large number of electrons are flowing through the capacitor in order to have a capacitance of 1 F.
Therefore, we can say that 1 F is a very large unit.

Answered by Romal Bhansali | 4th Oct, 2015, 07:13: PM

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