SF6 exist not OF6. Why?

Asked by cute44464 | 1st Mar, 2021, 01:17: PM

Expert Answer:

SF6 exists but OF6 does not exist. There are two reasons for it-
(1) Electronegativity difference- S and F have sufficient difference in electronegativity but in OF6,  Oxygen and Fluorine have almost same electronegativity so oxygen is not able to donate enough electron to form OF6 .
(2)d-Orbitals and Atomic size- In SF6 - Vacant d orbitals are present so excitation of electrons is possible. In OF6 - Vacant d orbitals are not present so excitation of electron is not possible.
Small atomic size of oxygen can not accommodates six fluorine atoms.

Answered by Ravi | 2nd Mar, 2021, 04:22: PM