sequence and series

Asked by devendra.mittal | 23rd Oct, 2009, 03:23: PM

Expert Answer:

if a,b,c are in H.P then 1/a,1/b,1/c are in AP

So 2/b =(a+c)/ac   or b = 2ac/(a+c) ...(i)

a/b+c,b/c+a,c/a+b   will also be in HP

since (b+c)/a, (c+a)/b,(a+b)/c are in AP

2 (c+a)/b = (a+b)/c+(b+c)/a

Using value of b from (i) we get the LHS =RHS

hence (3) option is correct

Answered by  | 30th Nov, 2009, 12:13: PM

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