separation of mixtures of 
iron filings + sulphur + charcoal 
common salt + water + sawdust

Asked by Rishi | 22nd Oct, 2015, 09:30: AM

Expert Answer:

Separation method:
1) iron filings + sulphur + charcoal :
By use of magnet, iron filings can be removed first from the mixture. The remaining mixture contains sulphur and charcoal. To this mixture, add carbon disulphide. Sulphur will get dissolved in carbon disulphide. Filter it. Charcoal remains on the filter paper. Filtrate contains sulphur. On evaporation sulphur can be obtained.
2) common salt + water + sawdust:
Filter the solution. Sawdust remians on the filter paper. Filtrate contains salt dissolved in water. Use distillation method. Distillate contains water. Salt will remain behind in the flask.

Answered by Prachi Sawant | 23rd Oct, 2015, 09:39: AM

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