Say, if a herbivore eats one plant having x amount of toxic substance in it, then the herbivore will have x amount of toxic material inside it's body.Now, a carnivore eats 1 herbivore daily. it eats this herbivore. so the amount of toxic substance in the carnivores's body still remains x. the only way to increase the toxicity in its body is to eat more than a herbivore. But is it always necessary that a carnivore will eat more than a herbivore? Generalizing the question, is it always necessary for the organism in a succeeding trophic level to eat more than the previous trophic levels?(keeping the example of plant->algae-> fish->shark in mind)

Asked by Aradhana Goswami | 11th Jan, 2014, 04:12: PM

Expert Answer:

At each trophic level predator because there is a loss of energy, the organisms present on the higher trophic level consumes more number of prey.

Answered by Hemangi Binny | 14th Jan, 2014, 08:12: AM

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