saline hydride are known to react with water voilently producing fire . can co2 a well known extinguisher be used in this case

Asked by roopali mishra | 22nd Feb, 2014, 09:28: PM

Expert Answer:

Saline hydrides such as NaH, LiH, etc. react with water to form a base and hydrogen gas. The chemical equation used to represent the reaction is as follows:


The reaction is violent which produces fire.

CO2 is heavier than dioxygen and it is used as a fire extinguisher because it covers the fire as a blanket. It inhibits the supply of dioxygen, thereby dousing the fire.

CO2 can be used in the present case also. It is heavier than dihydrogen. It will be effective in isolating the burning surface from dihydrogen and dioxygen.

Hence CO2 can be used as an extinguisher in the case of fire caused by reaction of saline hydride with water.

Answered by  | 24th Feb, 2014, 11:20: AM

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