SA type I questions; 
Q1. Give any four major roles played by RBCs. 
Q2. Write a common feature between the following. 
(¡) Xylem and phloem. 
(¡¡)Haemoglobin and chlorophyll. 

Asked by pdcavita | 1st Dec, 2017, 09:16: PM

Expert Answer:

a. Blood transport oxygen to body cells and deliver carbon dioxide to the liungs.
b. It helps in determining blood type.
c. Bllod carry cells and antibodies that fight infection
d. It regulates body temperature.
i. Both are the components of vascular tissue system in plants.
ii. Both are pigments found in the organisms.

Answered by Sivanand Patnaik | 2nd Dec, 2017, 08:20: AM