s uniform motion always rectilinear motion?is the converse true?explain

Asked by subhajitmukherje | 28th Aug, 2016, 11:25: PM

Expert Answer:

Uniform motion is the kind of motion in which a body covers equal distances in equal intervals of time. It does not matter how small the time intervals are, as long as the distances covered are equal.
In rectilinear motion the body moves in a straight line path.
So a body moving in rectilinear motion can have uniform motion.
For example a group of people marching together in a parade, performing the exact same steps together are in uniform linear motion.

But a body moving with uniform motion cannot have a rectiliear motion always.
For example, the hour hand of a clock - It moves with uniform speed, completing movement of a specific distance in an hour and does not have a rectilinear motion.

Answered by Yashvanti Jain | 1st Sep, 2016, 11:39: AM