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1. Chemistry seems to be tough but once you get to know the basics, its the most easiest subject.

2. Try to read small modules like topics at a time. Relate them with analogies; this will help you evoke interest in the subject and help you understand the concepts in an easier way. Like electron delocalization can be understood by this type of analogy.

3. Chemistry touches all aspects of our lives. Try to connect the depth of science of chemistry with its everyday life importance. Try to find the reasons for the things happening around you through chemistry. Like, melting of ice by salt is due to colligative properties, chemistry of dry cells and rechargeable cells etc.

4. Practice more and more sample papers and questions so that you gain confidence over your preparations.

These are some of the ways to help you create interest in the subject...

Some important topics for chemistry paper:

1. Go for a numerical in ch-solutions and chemical kinetics, a 5-marker can be asked from these chapters.

2. p-block elements has a lot of weightage so, practice the trends observed in the various groups, oxoacids of sulphur, phosphorus - their properties and structures. 

3. Aldehydes, ketones and carboxylic acids - their identification tests, properties can be asked. 

4. Acidic behavior of phenols is also asked very often. 

5. Magnetic properties of transition elements, their property to show color are also examiner's favorite. 

Start your preparation with the part in which you are more confident and are prepared quite well. Nail it by revising it thoroughly and practice as many questions as you can. Close the part and then start with the one you are not very sure of. Try to understand the concepts, practice numericals and reasoning questions. Don't forget to practice the past year papers. Previously asked questions are asked quite often in CBSE boards. Don't waste much time on the refresher books; NCERT is quite enough for Boards.

Be confident and keep brushing up your concepts. If you are clear with the basics then there will be no problem in putting up ideas and concepts in exams. 

All the best!!!!

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