Respected sir/mam,
What is straight E equals mc squared? Kindly please provide me with answer and an exaplain.

Asked by ranksahoo | 30th May, 2017, 12:39: PM

Expert Answer:

  • E = mc is an equation discovered by German born scientist Albert Einstein, who in his theory of special relativity expressed a fact that mass and energy are similar physical entities and can be converted into each other.
  • In the equation, the increased relativistic mass (m) of a body times the speed of light squared (c 2) is equal to the kinetic energy (E) of that body.
  • Before this theory of Einstein, mass and energy were considered as distinct entities but its only after this equation that the world has understood the realtionship between mass and energy.

Answered by Abhijeet Mishra | 30th May, 2017, 01:08: PM