Reptiles and Frogs differ in aspects of reproduction

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Expert Answer:

In frogs, fertilization is external whereas fertilization is internal in reptiles..

The eggs of reptiles have a thick, hard shell that protects the developing embryo from moisture loss, even on dry land. In contrast, the eggs of amphibians lack a hard outer covering and, thus, must be laid in water or in damp places. The female usually lays hundreds or thousands of eggs in the water, which the male fertilizes.

Metamorphosis is seen in frogs, but absent in reptiles. Young reptiles are miniature replicas of their parents in general appearance, although not always in coloration and pattern. Young ones of frogs resemble fishes and gradually grow to resemble the adult stage.

Frogs are oviparous. The majority of reptiles are oviparous, but some reptiles like lizards and snakes are viviparous. There's also one species of snake that can reproduce parthogenetically, without fertilization by the male.


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