Regarding an H.C. VERMA problem.

Asked by archubelur2 | 17th Aug, 2010, 08:52: PM

Expert Answer:

Let the box volume be V, so when the box is in the water, it displaces a water volume of V.
Gravitational force = mg
Buoyancy force on box = 1000Vg.
Net force = Buoyancy - Gravitational = 1000Vg - mg = mg/6 
          .. since the net acceleration is upwards and g/6.
1000Vg = 7mg/6      ... (1)
Now let the mass of box after we put sand is, M.
Net force =  Gravitational - Buoyancy = Mg - 1000Vg = Mg/6
Mg - 7mg/6 = Mg/6      ... from (1)
M = 7m/5
Therefore mass of sand,  M - m = 2m/5 kg.

Answered by  | 19th Aug, 2010, 10:48: AM

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