Rectify the following errors - 
a)Sales of 600 to Mansi was recorded as 60.
b)1000 received from X was posted to Y account .
C) 100 paid as cartage  of furniture was posted to cartage A/C
d) Bill for 820 received from Ramesh for the repairs to machinery was entered in the purchase book as 720.

Asked by sntshtrk530 | 11th Dec, 2017, 09:49: PM

Expert Answer:

(a) Mansi's A/c Dr. 540
       To Sales A/c 540
(b) Y's A/c Dr. 1000
         To X's A/c     1000
(c) Furniture A/c Dr 100
         To Cartage A/c    100
(d) Repairs to Machinery A/c Dr. 820
          To Purchases A/c               720
          To Suspense A/c                100

Answered by  | 12th Dec, 2017, 05:38: PM

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