Real images can only be formed by screen,only concave mirrors form real and enlarged images.then how r we able to ourselves enlarged in certain mirrors??? are these mirrors concave? if they are then how is the image formation possible??pls give me a clear explanation for my query

Asked by my3shyll | 29th Jan, 2017, 02:06: PM

Expert Answer:

Real images can be obtained on a screen.
We able to see ourselves enlarged in certain mirrors because those mirrors are concave mirrors. 
Concave mirrors form virtual and enlarged images too.
For this, the object should be placed between the pole and focus of the mirror than the image formed is enlarged in nature.
For example, if you hold a pen (object) within the focus of a concave mirror then a magnified, virtual and erect image of the pen is seen on looking into the concave mirror. 

Answered by Yashvanti Jain | 2nd Feb, 2017, 01:48: PM

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