Real Image Vs. Virtual Image. We are able to see an image because light gets reflected by the screen or mirror and it enters our eyes. when the screen reflects light, why do you call it real image and when a plane mirror refltects light, why do you call it virtual image?
In  a cinema theater, the screen is reflecting the projected light and it is called real image.
If we replace the screen wiht a mirror in the theatre what will happend?

Asked by raviac | 2nd Jul, 2016, 11:27: AM

Expert Answer:

The image which cannot be obtained on a screen is called a real image. A real image is formed when light rays coming from an object actually meet at a point after reflection from a mirror. The images of the actors and actresses is seen on a screen in cinema halls is an example of real image. 
Whereas the images which cannot be obtained on a screen is called a virtual image. A virtual image can be seen only by looking through a mirror. The image of our face that we see in a plane mirror is an example of virtual image. It is formed behind the mirror. 
If the screen is replaced with a mirror, then the incident light will get reflected. But only certain people in the hall who are sitting in the line of the reflected ray will be able to see. Also, the moving image formed will be at a farther distance. This is because a mirror forms an image behind the mirror at a distance equal to the distance of the object placed in front of it.

Answered by Yashvanti Jain | 4th Jul, 2016, 11:53: AM

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