R1 and R2 are the 2 resistances connected in parralel. Compare the current through R1 and R2 when 1- R1>R2 2-R1=R2 3-R1

Asked by kshhitij | 20th Jun, 2013, 07:57: PM

Expert Answer:

I = V/R (Ohms law)
Since, in a parallel connection, V remains the same across 2 resistors
Hence, I1/ I2 = R2/R1
a. So, if R1>R2
Then, I2>I1
b. If R1 = R2 
then, I1 = I2
Your third part is not written clearly. But, whatever be the condition between R1 and R2, you can use the above logic to compare the current through R1 and R2. 

Answered by  | 23rd Jun, 2013, 06:06: AM

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