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Fossil records of geological time scale described previously shows that fossils of only simple forms are found in lower or old strata while those of complex forms appear in upper or recent strata of the earth. This indicates that complex forms have gradually evolved from pre-existing simple ones.

Fossils also reveal such forms like Neuropteris and Archaeopteryx, which serve as connecting links. These links clearly indicate the evolution of one organism from the other since they share certain features with one organism and certain other features with the second organism.,.

Paleontologists have been successful in tracing the complete ancestral record of animals such as horse, camel, elephant etc. The pedigree of modern horse has been proved to be the most impressive fossil evidence in favour of organic evolution.

The fossil records thus show many direct and documentary evidences. It presents visible records of evolutionary changes in the strata of earth where there is no room for speculation or doubt.


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