Question No. 6 : Page 222 - NCERT Book - Geometry

Asked by midhunkrishna | 30th Sep, 2008, 12:33: AM

Expert Answer:

Follow these steps

1. Construct triangle ABC as given.

2. With a compass from B draw arc on AC . From the two npoints , where arc cuts AC. draw arcs meeting at say Q . Join BQ . Let BQ meet AC at D . Therefore BD is altitude of triangle ABC

3. BC is diameter of circle passing through B, C and D , because Angle BDC = 90 deg.

4. Mid point O of BC is the centre of the circle.

5. Join OA and mark mid point M of OA

6. Draw circle with centre at M  and radius = MA = MO . It intersects the circle at B and B'.

7.Join AB and AB'.(AB is  already joined)

AB and AB'is the required pair of tangents.

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