Question no 29

Asked by Adityaaryan681681 | 30th Jul, 2019, 10:15: PM

Expert Answer:

Density = 1.15 g/L
P = 740 mm Hg
straight P space equals space 740 over 760 space atm

space space space equals 0.9736 space atm
T = 300 K
Using ideal gas equation,
PV = nRT
straight n space equals space straight W over straight M
Ideal space gas space equation space can space be space rewritten space as comma

PV space equals bevelled straight W over straight M RT

Density space equals space straight M over straight V

PM space equals space ρRT

space space straight M space equals space fraction numerator space ρRT over denominator straight P end fraction

space space space space space space equals fraction numerator 1.15 cross times 0.0821 cross times 300 over denominator 0.9736 end fraction

space space space space space space equals 29.09 space straight g divided by mol
Let % of N2 be X and O2 be (1-X)
28X + (1-X)32 = 29.09
28X + 32- 32X = 29.09
-4X = -2.90
X = 0.7274 
   =72.74 % of N2
Composition of N2 is 72%

Answered by Varsha | 31st Jul, 2019, 11:01: AM

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