question no 1 -how does areserve turn into a mine 
question no 2- define place deposits , name the minerals found in lace deposits 

Asked by shyamprasadsahoo | 23rd Nov, 2014, 07:23: AM

Expert Answer:

Do you mean how minerals are formed?

  • Minerals may occur in the cracks of the igneous or the metamorphic rocks. When minerals in molten liquid form are forced upwards through the cracks, they become cool as they rise and become minerals. Examples are tin, zinc, copper etc.
  • When sedimentary rocks are formed due to the deposition of various sediments, many minerals are formed in the horizontal layers due to great heat and pressure. For example coal, iron ore etc.
  • When the surface of the sedimentary rocks decomposes, soluble constituents are removed from it, but the weathered materials containing ore remains. Example- bauxite
  • Ocean is a great store house of minerals. However, it is difficult to mine minerals from it. It is an important source of salt and magnesium.

Please ask the second question as another query.

Answered by Social Science Expert | 24th Nov, 2014, 08:18: AM

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