Differentiate between the natural and man made sources of pollution.

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Expert Answer:

Natural sources of pollution:
The pollutants which occur naturally is known as natural pollutants. 
They are:
(a) Volcanic eruptions release gases and volcanic ash.
(b) Forest fires produce smoke and trace gases.
(c) Dust storms increase the windblown dust into the environment.
(d) Bacteria, spores, cysts and pollens are all natural pollutants.
(e) Decay of organic matter in marshy places releases marsh gas (methane—CH4) which is a light colourless inflammable hydrocarbon.

Man made sources of pollution:
The pollutants which are created by man known as man-made pollutants.
They are:
(a) Industrialisation
(b) Invention of automobiles
(c) Over population
(d) Deforestation: Destruction of natural habitat
(e) Nuclear explosions
(f) Over-exploitation of natural resources
(g) Construction of buildings, roads and dams
(h) Explosives used in wars
(i) Use of fertilisers and pesticides
(j) Quarrying and mining

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