Question 1-A horizontal force 
F    is applied at the top of an equilateral triangular block having mass  m. What will be the minimum coefficient of friction required to topple the block before translation?
Question 2-A cube of side a and mass m is to be tilted at a point A by applying a force F as shown in the figure. What will be The minimum force required? (Given acceleration due to gravity =g)

Asked by Isha Yadav | 3rd Sep, 2015, 11:48: AM

Expert Answer:

When a force is applied to the triangular block, friction between the base and ground will resist it.
Now, the weight of the block will be acting through the centre of the triangle as seen in the figure below.
The force of friction will be
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Answered by Romal Bhansali | 3rd Sep, 2015, 07:16: PM