Ques1) Standard electrode potentials are
Fe 2+ / Fe ( E° = -0.44 V)
Fe 3+ / Fe2+ (E° = 0.77 V)
If Fe 2+, Fe 3+ and Fe blocks are kept together , then
(a) Fe3+ increases (b) Fe3+ decreases
(c) Fe2+ / Fe3+ remains unchanged (d) Fe2+ decreases

please give explaination as I know the answer is (b) but don't know the reason

Asked by govtsecschoolnayaganv051 | 16th Sep, 2018, 09:26: PM

Expert Answer:

The cell formed will be :
Fe divided by Fe to the power of 2 plus end exponent space parallel to space Fe to the power of 3 plus end exponent divided by space Fe to the power of 2 plus end exponent
cell = 0.44 + 0.77 = 1.21 V
Metals having higher negative values of their electrode potential can displace metal having lower values from their salt solution
Therefore the magnitude of Fe3+ ions will decrease.

Answered by Ramandeep | 17th Sep, 2018, 12:07: PM