QUE. A force of 20 N acts upon a body whose weight is 9.8 N. What is the mass of the body and how much is the acceleration?(g=9.8m/s). and also plz tell which is more fundamental mass of any given body or weight.

Asked by Harshita Singh | 20th Sep, 2015, 08:23: PM

Expert Answer:

Weight = mg 
Here, Weight = 9.8 N = mg
begin mathsize 12px style rightwards arrow 9.8 space straight N space equals space straight m space cross times space 9.8 space ms to the power of negative 2 end exponent space Therefore comma space straight m space equals space 1 space kg Acceleration space equals space Force over Mass space equals space fraction numerator 20 space straight N over denominator 1 space kg end fraction space equals space 20 space ms to the power of negative 1 end exponent end style
Mass of an object is more fundamental than the weight.
This is because mass is independent of location, while weight depends on the gravity of the location where it is measured.

Answered by Yashvanti Jain | 21st Sep, 2015, 11:30: AM